Hand sanitizer is more effective than hand washing
An alcohol concentration of at least 60% is necessary for proper sterilization
  • Ethanol 96% 

  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% 

  • Glycerol 98% 

  • Sterile distilled or boiled cold water ‚Äč

  • Isopropyl alcohol 99.8% 

  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% 

  • Glycerol 98% 

  • Sterile distilled or boiled cold water 

  1. The alcohol for the formula to be used is poured into the large bottle or tank up to the graduated mark. 

  2. Hydrogen peroxide is added using the measuring cylinder. 

  3. Glycerol is added using a measuring cylinder. As glycerol is very viscous and sticks to the wall of the measuring cylinder, it should be rinsed with some sterile distilled or cold boiled water and then emptied into the bottle/tank.  

  4. The bottle/tank is then topped up to the 10-litre mark with sterile distilled or cold boiled water. 

  5. The lid or the screw cap is placed on the tank/bottle as soon as possible after preparation, in order to prevent evaporation. 

  6. The solution is mixed by shaking gently where appropriate or by using a paddle. 

  7. Immediately divide up the solution into its final containers (e.g. 500 or 100 ml plastic bottles), and place the bottles in quarantine for 72 hours before use. This allows time for any spores present in the alcohol or the new/re-used bottles to be destroyed


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