Sewing Hacks

Sterilization Wrap Mask

This method gives step-by-step instructions for how to sew a pleated surgical mask. This method uses sterilization warp and provides two methods for 1 ply or 2 ply depending on the thickness of the available material.

Providence 100 Million Mask Challenge

The Providence 100 Million Mask Challenge is an effort to curb the declining masks available to healthcare providers. Their efforts have resulted in many open source DIY PPE options and they have partnered with manufacturers to meet the rising demand.

DIY Cloth Face Mask

This DIY mask design has ear loops and a nose wire to create a tigher fit. Instructions for this mask are made available at

FU Mask

The FU mask design has tie straps that take the pressure off the ears with traditional ear loops. This website provides an easy to use pattern customization option for making a mask pattern just for you.

DIY Fabric Mask with Filter

This simple to make mask can be made by watching this instructional video. This video will walk you through what dimensions to use, how to pleat the fabric, and how to sew on straps.

Child Size Face Mask

This method provides the appropriate dimensions to use to make a child size mask. The mask includes a pleated design, as well as ear loop straps.

Non-Sewing Hacks

CDC Sew Free Mask

Watch this video of U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams giving instructions on how to make a masking using fabric and rubber bands. The CDC is now recommending the use of cloth mask by the general population.

Simple Sew Free Mask

This sew free mask design can be made with cloth only and has eight inner layers. The only tools needed are scissors, a ruler, and a marker.

Virginia M. Dato* , David Hostler*, and Michael E. Hahn*

Author affiliations: *University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


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