NCSU-Based Teams

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slaptrackLogo - Ponni Theetharappan (1).


Ryan Homem

Kyle Wysocki

Robert Zhang

Ponni Theetharappan

BMEdical has identified a need to improve progress tracking of range of motion for stroke rehabilitation patients. We have conceptualized and developed a novel solution that allows for the capture and storage of motion tracking data, leading to greater patient satisfaction and improved progress tracking methods.

Boost Pediatrix Logo - mallory bryan (1)

Boost Pediatrix

Mallory Bryan

Justine Happel

Mario Garcia

Steven Vargas

Matthew Traenkle

Lauren Monroe

Sarah Kuhaneck

Boost Pediatrix is developing an adjustable positioning device for infant lumbar puncture, which ensures that the clinician can consistently place the infant in the optimal upright seated position to create maximum space between vertebrae in the lower spine. This novel solution will lead to greater success rates in collecting a sample of cerebral spinal fluid on the first puncture attempt.

BrainsofTime Logo - Shauntre Lilley (1).

BRains of Time

Nathan Johnson

Jessica O'Neill

Casimir Nair

Mary Erb

Shauntre Lilley

William Hensgen

Brains of Time is developing a tympanostomy tube device to reduce the rate of postoperative tube occlusion in pediatric patients. We have conceptualized a novel solution that will reduce the amount of revisionary surgeries to remove the tubes and thus improving patient everyday life.

logo - Natalie Collier (1).GIF

Built Different

Andrew Bond

Natalie Collier

Damien Guilbaud

Sujay Kestur

Matthew Ogles

Sonia Wrobel

Built Different has identified the need to quantify and store a patient's exerted force on a weight-bearing assistive device and to immediately notify the patient and their physical therapy healthcare provider whether or not that exerted force is within a prescribed force range. Our goal is to equip physical therapy healthcare providers with the tools and information they need to develop a personalized recovery plan for each patient.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 12.56.34 AM -


Jacqueline Conlan

Sandy Lin

Labannya Samanta

Sam Taylor

Surya Tumbapura

Healthify is developing a motorized attachment to standard laparoscopic instruments in order to reduce the amount of surgeon fatigue experienced during procedures. Our novel solution maintains the mechanic of standard laparoscopic instruments to facilitate easy integration as well as to retain the levels of dexterity and control that surgeons are used to.

IEFTS logo - Drew Fisher (1).jpg

Samuel Sites

Cody Holtman

Drew Fisher

Karan Patel

Gershom Mathew

Yiqi Cao

Payton Ballance

IEFTS is seeking to improve the care of patients requiring nasogastric tubes while increasing hospital efficiency. We are tackling this by designing novel nasogastric intubation equipment to reduce the occurrences of complications during their use.

Improved Enteral Feeding Tubing Solutions

KEGAN - andres moreno (1).png

Kegan Medical

Andres Moreno

Nick Mininni

Kyle Dua

Gabe Jeffer

Landon Morrill

Elle Lenker

Kegan Medical identified the need for an affordable addition to gravity flow IV lines that functions passively to remove air bubbles from the fluid flow to prevent the onset of air bubble induced embolisms. We have developed a reliable in-line addition that will passively minimize air bubble flow to biologically safe levels and minimize the required supervision of air in the IV lines.

Kryptogen Logo - Ana Pantaleao Dos Santo


Kryptogen mission is develop a novel smart iv stand that will benefit many patients. We are a determined group of women who are passionate about medical devices. We will be creative and efficient when developing our device.

Ana Laura Pantaleão dos Santos

Ana Wiliams

Sarah Sylvestre

Gaby O'Brien

IMG_2809 - Kat Green (1).jpeg

Lub Dubs

Kat Green

Allie Wright

Samantha Mathis

Michelle Liu

Emily VanHoozer

The Lub Dubs are developing a device system to store and read information about implantable cardiac devices, such as make and model of the device. Our solution will allow for reduction in identification time and save costs from unnecessary imaging procedures.

preventifect logo.PNG


Zhania Deterville

Megan Laurer

Mikaela Blackwood

Haley Ritchie

Bella Hyndiuk

Preventifect is developing the Preventative Infection Patch (PIP), a novel infection prevention system to reduce high infection rates associated with central venous catheter insertion. Our defense system prevents the introduction of infection both prior to and after catheter insertion. The PIP will not only improve patient quality of life, but also reduce hospital costs associated with infection prevention.

logo - Dianna Pham (1).PNG

The Alphabest Team

Alex Stotka

Basil Dissi

Chris Peeler

Dianna Pham

Emily Keller

Sara Chopra

The Alphabet Team is developing a wearable continuous vital monitoring device for COVID-19 patients. The BOSHR^3 Band will send timely alerts of worsening conditions to the patient in order to seek medical attention and reduce instances of unknown of Happy Hypoxemia.

Kare Logo - Emily Waite (1).gif

The Intensive Kare Unit

Katherine Carter

Ana Sheridan

Rachel Jacobson

Emily Waite

The Intensive Kare Unit is developing a Dental Oximetry Pen that will allow dental professionals to quickly and easily quantify patients' gum health. This will lead to more consistent measurements between physicians and rapid diagnoses.

teamtbd - Aidan Beres (1).png


Rachel Pate

Anthony Kyu

Michael McKnight

Ramsey Othman

Aidan Beres

Jordan Harm

Our mission is to design and fabricate a medical device to reduce the usage of PPE for infectious disease patients in hospitals. We will do this by upholding ourselves to the highest standards of dedication, integrity, honesty, and service, while creating a remotely-operated medical device to improve infectious disease outcomes for the communities we serve.