PPE Information

Surgical Mask

Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Cleared

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): Evaluated and Tested 42 CFR Part 84

N95 Respirator


Splash protection for the user against potentially hazardous fluids. Most effective against large particles.

Small and large particle aerosolization protection (non-oil)

Intended Use

Not considered respiratory protection and does not reliably protect the user from aerosolized particles.

Tight-fitting: Fit testing required.


Loose-fitting: No fit testing required.

Can capture at least 95% of large and small aerosolized particles.


The edges of the mask are not tightly fit to the user. Leakage occurs around the edges.

Fit testing ensures that minimal leakage occurs around the edges. Threrefore, nearly all airflow passes through the filter


Click the link to learn more about frequently asked PPE questions from the Center of Desease Control and Prevention (CDC).



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