A ventilator is used to help a person breathe. People who cannot breathe on their own or that are breathing insufficiently will need a ventilator. Ventilation can be done invasively using breathing tubes or noninvasively using a respiratory mask. A ventilator by repeatedly pumping oxygen-filled air to the lungs, just like regular breathing. The amount of oxygen and air pressure can be set specifically for each patient.

 What is a Medical Ventilator? 

 Open-source Ventilator Designs 

 Other Ventilation News 

Italian Engineers repurpose snorkeling masks into equipment for ventilators

Veterinarians are donating PPE and ventilators to hospitals to help with the growing number of cases.

See how top 500 companies are tackling the equipment shortage in the wake of the COVID19 outbreak.

Things to remember when designing DIY medical devices:

DIY devices are a last resort


3D printed components are porous and hard to disinfect


New ventilators should be easy to use to simplify the jobs of medical professionals.


The FDA and MHRA have set up fast approval processes.



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