UNC-Based Teams

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Andromeda Scientific Logo - Tyler Hutche



Daniel Andrade

Camryn Druga

Stephen Henley

Tyler Hutchens

Jeehyun Kim

Surya Shanmugam

Andromeda Scientific is developing a symmetry device for the lower extremities to be used during the rehabilitation process of athletes following surgical ACL reconstruction. We have identified a need to rectify intra-limb overcompensation attributed to muscular degradation and deconditioning of essential neuromuscular connections in an effort to restore proper gait patterns and decrease the risk of reinjury.

BAHLL_LOGO_REVISED - brody fogleman (2).


Brody M. Fogleman

Audrey Cooke

Hannah McCurry, Lauren Spell

Lindsay Miller

Our team’s mission is to solve a biomedical problem which disproportionately affects the aging U.S. population. By leveraging on our diverse skill set and knowledge base we are determined to reduce the instances of delirium in the geriatric community in intensive care settings. We are committed to not only solving this issue, but to also shining a light on the elderly population that we feel has not received adequate focus in medical device development.

FINALWORDS - Maddie Dyson (1).png

Eccentricity Enterprise

Kit Williams

Garrett Douglas

Rima Patel

Emily Chappelear

Maddie Dyson

At Eccentricity, we innovate patient-centered treatment through technologically advanced healthcare that improves the quality of life over all demographics, around the world. We strive to do this through inexpensive and creative solutions that can be implemented quickly, effectively, and broadly.

IMG_1040 - Millena Sivakumar (1).JPG


Suma Dasari

Svetlana Griego

Andrew Knudsen

Millena Sivakumar

Grant Spade

Team eLucidate is working to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infection rates in the burn ICU. We are developing a device to standardize the cannulation procedure related to central lines.

Eureka Logo - Russell Porter (2).png

Russell Porter

Stefan Lehman

Grace Cho

Matthew Jones

Sachi Shinde

Jack Thompson

Eureka Biotechnology has identified a gap in continuous monitoring of respiratory conditions for prematurely born neonates. We have developed a portable device that quickly alerts practitioners of a possible developing pneumothorax in order to reduce detection time and potentially save the lives of countless infants.

Eureka Biotechnology

FINAL LOGO GMI - Akanksha Sharma (1).jpg

Globe Med Innovations

Akanksha Sharma

Fatima Susana Martinez Lopez

Karim Chouamo

Lucy Herrero

Truc Tran

Our mission is to develop innovative solutions to many of the unique challenges developing nations face today to improve the quality of life in those communities. Our novel device will help provide accessible and affordable HIV self-testing for patients in rural South Africa to increase the number of HIV tests.

logo2 - Elias Stefanopoulos (1).png

Hands On Biotech

Elias Stefanopoulos

Rob Chen

Jessica Jang

Kartheek Batchu

Rami Abumuais

Our team has identified a need to improve the ergonomic functionality of endoscopes used by gastroenterologists and other medical professionals. We aim to develop a novel solution to this problem by developing a new device outer casing with improved ergonomics and modularity. We hope that this will allow users with varying hand sizes and lateralities achieve greater ease of use.

HeroTech_logo - Jenny Cochand (1).JPG


Jennifer Cochand

Jane Farrell

Mukil Guruparan

Luca Menozzi

Jay Peeler

HeroTech is focusing on protecting healthcare workers from infection at their workplace. We are developing a novel solution for aerosol containment during intubation that allows for easy setup, high visibility, and an uninterrupted workflow.


Improvineer Medical

Shureed Qazi

Brenna Harrison

Sara Pippin

Caroline Greiner

Improvineer Medical aims to decrease the healthcare accessibility gap between low and high resource settings. A specific interest of ours is women's health diagnostic testing in low resource settings. We are currently working on increasing rates of HPV testing in low resource settings in the US through improved design of HPV self-test kits.

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 2.32.38 PM - A


Meaghan Quinn

Liz Morse

Hailey Durham

Cassa Drury

Drew McRacken

MED-CHange is working to address the increasingly negative impact of ill-fitting laparoscopic tools used by minimally invasive OB/GYN surgeons. Through a more ergonomic and surgeon-tailored device design, we aim to decrease the rates of orthopedic injury and chronic pain experienced by smaller-handed users.

IMG_8344 - Goutam Gadiraju (1).jpg

MUSE Biomedical

Tasneem Essader
Goutam Gadiraju
Jennifer Jacober
Karthik Kaundinya
Pradham Tanikella

MUSE Biomedical designs medical devices and data-driven diagnostic tools to prevent opioid addictions. We aim to create a world where being prescribed pain medication is always a safe experience for patients, families, and hospital systems.

Somavoyance - Benjamin Davis (1).png


Benjamin Davis

Jonathan Diamantis

Daniel Orozco

Sarah Radebaugh

Victoria Yarmey

Our mission is to provide feasible solutions to shortcomings in accessibility, ease of use, and efficacy of clinical and at-home diagnostics. We are currently working to improve patient experience, reliability, consistency, and accuracy of existing diagnostic tools.

THE_dark - Zach Welborn (1).png

The Helpful Engineers

Kevin Hu

Reuben Chemmanam

JD Boyd

Eddie Neri

Zachary Welborn

The Helpful Engineers are designing a device to measure reaction time and reaction time variability to help with diagnosis and mitigation of traumatic brain injury development in contact sports.

TorchTech Logo - Delaney Cowart (1).png

TorchTech Industries

Delaney Cowart

Noah Krasnipol

Neeraj Ghandi

Grace Whitlow

Mackenzie Wood

Michael Weaver

We at TorchTech are striving to produce a device that addresses the patient's inability to reproduce prescribed physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction. We are aiming to make this process more accessible and quantifiable by creating a device that can be used within the confines of the user's home, eliminating the need for and costs associated with frequent visits to the physical therapist.