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i4 Teams

MedPack - NCSU.png


Aakarsh Gundu

Becky Renfrow

Dante Tomaino

Rachel Sides,

Riley Mann

An EMS medical device designed to innovate the current treatment of pneumothorax through the addition of safer and more stable components. The current market solution comes from an adaptation of an IV catheter that is not designed to match the full needs of the procedure. Our device contains additions to the current device that protect patient and provider safety and improve the efficiency of airflow and catheter stability. This device targets the EMS market as an in-transport device for emergency medicine. This device offers 3 critical innovations to the procedure while maintaining a comparable price to the current device.

Bio-CASE - UNC.jpg


Claire Chao

Aneesa Salahuddin

Spencer Higgins

Emma Sawyer

Bio-CASE has developed a trimmable wedge that is to be used with current treatment methods by burn units to maintain finger separation and provide pressure to the interdigital spaces. Through this, the occurrence of webbing of the interdigital spaces will decrease in intensity and frequency while mobility post-recovery will increase in patients suffering from third and some second-degree hand burns.

LevoPoint - UNC.jpg


Ameen Zafiruddin

Luke Shehee

Micah Baldonado

Rohan Vora

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is characterized by the degeneration of dopamine-producing neurons in the brain, resulting in slowness and tremors. Levodopa is a first-line treatment that is administered through the blood, where it enters the brain and converts dopamine, improving symptoms. Unfortunately, the therapeutic range for effective levodopa dosage varies as the disease progresses. As such, a method for monitoring levodopa levels is necessary to maintain therapeutic effectiveness. LevoPoint is developing a point-of-care levodopa sensing kit that allows clinicians to immediately and repeatedly measure levodopa levels. No device like this exists on the market, but with our proprietary enzyme technology, we will reshape the way PD is treated.

MedElec Solutions - UNC.jpg

MedElec Solutions

Karthik Ramakrishnan

Bryce Menichella

Josh Henderson

Vignesh Sriram

MedElec Solutions is seeking to develop a calf sleeve that will continuously monitor the calf and send data to doctors for patients with DVT (deep vein thrombosis). This complication is often found in patients that have undergone an arthroscopy, including 3M in the US in the last year. While current market solutions include ideas such as a chain of devices that sends diagnostic data, we are offering that data in a single encasing that is familiar to patients, relieving possible stress.

CardiSight - i4.png


Raghav Sriram

Suchir Madap

Raviteja Aechan

CardiaSight is a cardiac bioinformatics startup that has developed a method to derive a diagnostically accurate 12 Lead EKG in the convenience of a ring. The firm offers advanced health metrics with ease never seen before and enables the detection of long-term warning signs of heart disease and emergent cardiac events. The device and adjacent analytics will provide thorough cardiac analysis and drastically improve out-of-hospital cardiovascular disease management. These capabilities enable CardiaSight to become the leading company in preventative and emergent heart disease management and greatly remedy the largest cause of death in the US (heart disease).

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