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CART logo - Kirti N.jpg

Kirti Nimmala

Shivani Ayyagari

CART is reinventing Alzheimer's treatment using novel enzymatic techniques to reduce amyloid plaques by supplying an essential enzyme involved in amyloid fragment cleavage. Our goal is to decelerate Alzheimer's progression and increase patient life-span.

Carolina Alzheimer's Research Team

CMB logo - Abdullah Saleh.png

Albert Choi

Abdullah Saleh

Chemobusters is developing a point-of-care diagnostic biosensor aimed at accurately quantifying antineoplastic drug exposure in healthcare workers, decreasing incidences of chronic exposure, and creating a safer environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.


Logo_GrayBackground - Alex Kyu.png

Alex Kyu, Emily Keller, Anthony Kyu, Samuel Sites, Jordan Harm, Michael McKnight, Samantha Holmes, Austin Wells, Awab Masroor, Jacob Gerlach, Melissa Li, Samantha Watson, Srinath Vasudevan, Bagya Maharajan, Dominic Gong, James McCoy, Jason Xie, Kaia Spero, Sarthak Mehta, Robert Samaskeawicz

Our team is focusing on the research and design of a transfemoral powered leg prosthetic for the 2024 Cybathlon Competition that both takes advantage of a biomimetic knee and also uses sensor data to capture and interpret the user's intentions, allowing the user to traverse more difficult terrain while remaining in control. This would provide a new alternative that provides both power, control, and a more natural movement that many powered leg protheses don't yet provide.


Pack Bionics

Eureka Logo - Russell Porter (2).png

Russell Porter

Stefan Lehman

Grace Cho

Matthew Jones

Sachi Shinde

Jack Thompson

Eureka Biotechnology has identified a gap in continuous monitoring of respiratory conditions for prematurely born neonates. We have developed a portable device that quickly alerts practitioners of a possible developing pneumothorax in order to reduce detection time and potentially save the lives of countless infants.

Eureka Biotechnology

POPsolutions logo - Maddie Smith.png

Anne Hope Cooper

 Avani Saraswatula

 Madison Smith

POPSolutions aims to provide pelvic organ prolapse patients with a comfortable, non surgical solution that relieves their symptoms. This solution will reduce urinary incontinence, daily pain and discomfort, and slow the progression of prolapse, while reducing the frequent need for adjustment of current insertable solutions.


TorchTech Logo - Delaney Cowart (1).png

TorchTech Industries

Delaney Cowart

Noah Krasnipol

Neeraj Ghandi

Grace Whitlow

Mackenzie Wood

Michael Weaver

We at TorchTech are striving to produce a device that addresses the patient's inability to reproduce prescribed physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction. We are aiming to make this process more accessible and quantifiable by creating a device that can be used within the confines of the user's home, eliminating the need for and costs associated with frequent visits to the physical therapist.